One of the most critical traits of a good procurement professional is the ability to apply what’s necessary to develop and control relationships with all stakeholders; but how do you reach, influence, and advise the C-suite within your organisation?

Drummond Bridge invited executive expert and procurement partner, Angela Porte, to provide an insight into her career journey to C-suite level at our most recent Success in Supply Chain event. Angela holds 30 years’ experience in IT and Procurement roles across both the public and private sector and has successfully enabled multiple transformation programmes, embedded high performance teams, and been the fundamental driving force on numerous multi-million pound savings deals.

During the session, Angela discussed techniques to firstly pinpoint those senior stakeholders, to identify and understand their challenges and risks, with the aim of ultimately offering the right solutions, utilising valued specialist procurement knowledge and expertise.

Throughout the session Angela successfully provided the delegates with tools for developing strategies to communicate collaboratively, set boundaries, and manage expectations for successful outcomes at C-suite level. The delegates were able to ask advice relating to specific scenarios, and share their own experiences whilst networking with other senior professionals

It was concluded that by finding a way to successfully manage your C-suite stakeholders, you will be better able to ensure requirements are aligned, understand tolerance for risk, and mitigate issues that would otherwise delay successful negotiations. Strong C-suite management is a testimony to your ability influence ‘up’ in an organisation, and a key component to running a successful procurement function.

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