Depending on the nature of your business “procurement” may play a number of different roles within the organisation. We provide support in sourcing the appropriate procurement skills and talent for your business, examples of which are denoted below.

Direct Purchasing

In contrast to the slower nature of indirect sourcing, direct purchasing brings a fast paced and exciting challenge to procurement professionals. There are often more transactions, while the speed and frequency of delivery can be just as important as the cost.

For the Procurement professional, many of the steps and processes in direct purchasing are similar to indirect purchasing, but it usually requires a much closer understanding of the particular commodity to ensure that the business uses the best supplier and achieves the best cost.

It’s a discipline for commercially minded professionals skilled in communication and negotiation, who thrive on fast-paced daily challenges.

We typically recruit these types of role:

  • Purchasing Director
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Senior Buyer or Commodity Manager
  • Procurement Specialist or Buyer

Indirect Procurement & Sourcing

As organisations grow, operations become more complex and the importance of indirect procurement & supplier sourcing increases. Every business has some form of indirect procurement – from Marketing, Financial or IT services, to travel, utilities or consumables. And those supplies or services don’t have to have a direct impact on the end customer to be vital to the success of the business.

For the Procurement Specialist, this discipline is different to direct purchasing, requiring a slightly different mix of skills. Roles often demand a wider commercial background and an understanding of complex contracts.

We typically recruit these types of role:

  • Sourcing Director
  • Senior Sourcing or Procurement Manager
  • Category Manager
  • Supplier Manager

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