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We are specialists in Supply Chain – so the scope of our understanding, experience and expertise goes much deeper than any generalist recruitment organisation. As such, we have a number of consultants who work in specific industries:


Global Energy & Utilities

Having worked with some of the largest Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy and National Utility businesses, we are well placed to provide a network of candidates with experience of managing international supply chains within these heavily regulated environments, in both operator-led and service-led organisations.


Consumer Goods

Food & Drink, Clothing and Healthcare products all come with their own unique supply chain challenges. Whether your business is brewing soft drinks at different sites across the globe, or it’s a healthcare producer looking for an ethical Supply Chain, we understand the demands of your business – and we understand what kind of candidate you will need to meet those demands.



The supply chain in most Global manufacturing businesses has become ever more complex. With growth in emerging and low-cost economies like Asia-Pac and the BRIC countries, flexible solutions can be found. Yet maintaining business continuity across remote locations can be difficult, testing the resilience of the supply chain. It takes an expert professional to navigate the difficulties and manage risk effectively, but experience in this area can be difficult to find. We can help.



‘Technology’. It’s a term that can cover a number of industries or business types. For businesses in some areas, like applied materials or precision engineering, a certain level of technical understanding is vital, even within for supply chain professionals. We provide a range of options for targeted searches, allowing us to account for any specific skill gaps and meet needs for specific abilities, experience or qualifications.


Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

There are few industries where the balance between cost and quality is more precarious. When every decision influences the welfare of end-users, it is essential that both the regulatory requirements and the impact on the customer are carefully considered. This adds another dimension when optimising the supply chain and developing procurement strategy. And this, in turn, makes sector knowledge all the more important in any potential candidate.


3rd Party Logistics & Distribution

For some organisations logistics is a support function. For others, it is their core purpose. Whether your business is a global outsourced service provider or a niche haulage business, we take the time to learn what makes your company unique – and what kind of professional could become integral to your future success.


Financial Services

In a sector that has had its share of publicity in recent years, it’s worth recognising the impact of a cost-effective procurement & supply chain capability on organisational stability. With experienced consultants based in Scotland, we have first-hand experience of supporting some of the world’s largest banks with flexible procurement & supplier management capability through a period that has seen economic recession bounce back to recovery and growth.



While ten years of sustained growth ended in 2009, construction remains one of the largest contributors to GDP in the UK, Europe and around the world. In the UK alone, the figures are staggering: the sector is worth £90 billion, includes 290,000 companies and accounts for almost 3 million jobs, close to 10% of the population. It’s a highly competitive sector, but we are equipped to provide a competitive edge – with the support to source the talent who can develop and maintain cost-effective supply chains.

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