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At Drummond Bridge, we’re proud of our deep-rooted knowledge of the discipline, of our team of experienced specialists and of our unique approach to meeting the needs of both clients and candidates. As the workforce grows ever more mobile globally and supply chains become ever more refined, the need for niche or technical expertise grows. We put ourselves at the heart of the solution, with a fresh approach to building organisational capability through our own supply chain network.

Led by values and shaped by our own experience of working in Supply Chain, we are committed to helping both clients and candidates achieve their full potential by matching expertise to business needs.

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The types of professionals we typically target and source include:

Directors of Procurement, Supply Chain Planning, Distribution or Production Operations

Functional Middle Management, in Procurement, Supply Chain Planning, Distribution and Production Operations

Strategic Sourcing and Commodity Specialists

Tactical Procurement Specialists

Materials and Planning Managers

Warehouse and Transport Operations Managers

Production Managers

A team that works…

Our expert supply chain consultants hold an extensive understanding, insight and knowledge and partner business from SME’s to blue-chip multi-national organisations spanning varied industries inclusive of professional services, engineering and manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, food and drink, public and 3rd sectors and financial services.

Our client and candidate experience is based on providing a positive and consultative 360 degree approach. We concentrate on building long terms relationships, supporting both clients and candidates throughout their careers, recruitment requirements and onwards.

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With a reputation that stretches across the globe and an understanding that reaches into a wide range of disciplines, we can offer exclusive opportunities for Supply Chain professionals around the world.

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